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Biochemical Organic Fertilizer for Plant Nutrients
SINOTECH Organic Fertilizers

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Leonardite Source Humic Acid Manufacturer

Rich Nutrients to Soil
Humizone® Organic Fertilizer

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Products for Soils, Hydroponics and Crops
SINOTECH Leonardite Source Organic Fertilizers

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Some Facts About Us



Found in 2004, SINOTECH (BEIJING) DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD is a humic acid, fulvic aid, seaweed extract and amino acid manufacture from China with more than 20 years export experience. Our Humizone® Ultra Potassium Humate and Leonardit source Humic Acid have been listed by OMRI American from 2018.

Our prime brand products include:


1. Humizone® Leonardite source Humic Acid Fertilizer
2. Humizone® Hi-Pure Fulvic Acid Fertilizer
3. Natural Extract OceanStar® Seaweed Extract

4. AminoPlus® Animal and Vegetal Source Amino Acid Additive

5. NutriMax® Microelement Chelate Compound Fertilizer
6. Humizone® Slow Release Granule Fertilizer



As a manufacture of Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid and Seaweed Extract, we can supply global satisfied organic fertilizer raw material for your formula products.

Stock Up and Delivery

With our warehouse in Tianjin Port, we can quickly stock up and deliver goods, we load goods to container by our worker usually, so that we can keep the goods in good conditions always.

Internation Trade Service

With nearly 20 years of production and foreign trade experience, we will provide the best international trade services to you, just like ship booking, customs services, certificates handling, documents support and so on.

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“Put Rich Nutrients to Soil”

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Main Products

Leonardite Source Organic Fertilizer

Humizone® Potassium Humate

With our own high grade Leonardite Mine and new technology, Humizone® HA-K (Potassium Humate) series are superior quality plant stimulants and soil conditioners, which can be used as ground fertilizer in landscape, greenhouse and garden widely. Humizone® HA-K series products have excellent solubility in water, so it can be used in fertigation and seeds soaking..

Humizone® Fulvic Acid

Humizone® FA (Fulvic Acid) is a plant growth regulator, and it is a kind of short carbon chain molecule extractible from the natural Leonardite with high loading capacity and biological activity. Humizone® FA is brown powder with an excellent solubility. It is soluble in water, fertilizers and pesticide spray solutions easily. Mainly used for wheat, corn, sweet potatoes, millet, rice, cotton, peanuts, rapeseed, tobacco, sericulture, fruits, vegetables and so on.

AminoPlus® Amino Acid

AminoPlus® VAA (Vegetal Source Amino Acid) is made from natural vegetal protein, such as soybean, peanut, alfalfa. It is able to rapidly correct nutrient deficiencies, improve fruit set, help plants endure environmental stress and resist apple, pear, grapevine, vegetable diseases. AminoPlus® VAA60-P (60% Vegetal Amino Acid Powder) is obtained from the hydrolyzed protein process, AminoPlus® VAA80-P (80% Vegetal Amino Acid Powder) is obtained from the enzymatic process, they all contain 18 types of free Amino Acids which have great water solubility, quite stable chemical properties, can be absorbed by animals and plants easily.

AminoPlus® AAA (Animal Source Amino Acid) is an elemental composite unit of protein, a kind of biologic organism. It is able to rapidly correct nutrient deficiencies, improve fruit set, help plants endure environmental stress and resist apple, pear, grapevine, vegetable diseases, such as apple-tree canker. A variety of nutrients through microbial fermentation after ionic state was completely soluble in water, is conducive to absorption of aquatic animals, can replace fish meal nutrition for aquatic animal feed, rapid growth, special aquatic cost effective to replace fish meal significantly.

OceanStar® Seaweed Extract

OceanStar® SWE (Seaweed Extract) is extracted from brown seaweed such as sargassum, ascophylium nodosum and laminaria. Seaweed extract contains natural plant hormones and various natural nutrient substances, trace minerals, carbohydrates such as alginic acids, polysaccharide. Seaweed extract is suitable for all crops including field crops, potting soil, vegetable, flower gardens, orchards and grass. It could be used as foliar application, irrigating application, soil application, soaking seed and so on.

NutriMax® EDDHA-Fe6

NutriMax® EDDHA-Fe6 is a highly effective iron fertilizer, which can be used in an alkaline environment. It is mainly used for prevention and treatment yellowing of plant disease (also known as yellow leaf disease) because of iron deficiency, also be used for normal plant iron, make more vigorous plant growth, increase production and improve fruit quality. It improves soil compaction, soil fertility decline caused by longterm administration of common fertilizer. In fertilizer production, it can be widely used as a foliar fertilizer, salt fertilization, drip irrigation fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, organic fertilizer, fertilizer added raw materials, foliar spraying and so on.

Humizone® Slow Release Granule Fertilizer

Humizone® HAG-HiN (High N Humic Acid Granule) has high content of organic matter and humic acid that help plant increase absorption of macro nutrients. It significantly improves the soil condition, and increases the crop quality and quantity.

Humizone® FAG-HiN (High N Fulvic Acid Granule) is an acidulous and high active organic nitrogenous fertilizer. It is a black ball granule. It has an excellent solubility. It includes many active radices such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, nitryl and so on. It has stronger penetrability for roots, caudexes and leaves.

Humizone® AAG (Amino Acid Granule) with high organic matter and amino acids, can replenish the protein and other nutrients. It can enhance the plant respiration, improve the oxidation and reduction of plants, and promote the metabolism of plants.


Diversified packaging for Humizone® Fertilizer.

Kraft Paper Bag

20/25 Kg

Woven Bag

20/25/50 Kg

Aluminum Foil Bag

1-10 Kg Customization

Ton Bag

500-1000 Kg

Diversified packaging for Humizone® Fertilizer


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